The Harriet Hare Story

Behind the scenes you’ll find me, Hayley, I’m the founder of Harriet Hare - an online store for souls who value exceptional quality, timeless design and beautifully made products.
We specialise in natural and original products for your home with bed linens, cushions, storage and accessories.

I founded Harriet Hare when my twins were small. I wanted to create a harmonious, tranquil bedroom which they shared. I hunted high and low for high quality, simple pieces - unable to find what I was after, like a mama possessed I set to creating what I dreamt of and Harriet Hare was launched.

Looking back it was the perfect excuse leap into interiors, it’s been my happy space since before I can remember - creating a feeling of peace and balance in a room. I was that child who loved nothing more than changing her bedroom about on a whim.

As I flew the nest, my career in the airline industry opened up a globeful of treasure ... back in the day, before the internet when acquiring something meant going to the shops! Lay-overs were filled with the joy of discovering artisan homeware, made with the best materials and careful design that I squeezed into my cabin crew case. I learnt about quality not quantity to create a home, these are guiding principles for me at Harriet Hare.

Our Suppliers


I’m proud to work with truly inspiring textile makers who create our bed linen and cushion collections. Good fortune lead me to Antonio, his wife Maria and Isabel who are based near the beautiful, historic city of Guimaraes in Northern Portugal - it’s a centre of excellence within the textile industry.

Our fabrics are woven from only the finest 100% certified Egyptian cotton yarns, using a magical combination of tradition, innovation and commitment has kept this fourth generation, family run company at the forefront of their industry. Their ethical principles shine through from the sourcing of the natural fibres, minimising the carbon footprint and creating a fair, happy work place.

Closer to home I work with family run companies who share our passion for the highest quality craftsmanship to supply the rest of the Harriet Hare accessories. All of our collections are due to grow in the coming months, I can’t wait to share them with you.

Thank you for stopping by, Hayley x